What a Satisfied Family Said About Robert Young

The following is a testimonial I received from Sara and Jason following the purchase of their home located in Takoma Park, Maryland.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Bob to help me and my family sell our condo and find our new home. We have never had a more positive real estate experience. Bob loves real estate and is a hard-working dedicated professional, who was willing to listen and learn what we needed and help us make it happen.

We quickly became confident in his expertise and dedication, his willingness to offer honest advice about properties and felt we were in good hands. He is punctual and personable, detail-oriented, a patient, skilled communicator with both clients and other agents. Bob is flexible, yet tenacious about his client’s best interests, and often helped us make better choices despite our first inclinations. He provides an excellent balance of when to let clients explore and when to provide honest, realistic advice.

We were not first-time homebuyers, but we purchased our new home with help from our parents. Bob was always available to show us homes, helping us figure out what we needed, and could all agree on, continuously providing very fast responses to many people. He was adept at dealing with multiple buyers with different agendas and guided us to the home which fit all our needs.

He was savvy to market changes, tight markets, the tactics of other agents, and property conditions. He consistently went above and beyond what we expected, anticipating our needs, offering to help with repairs, finding good contractors, etc. He checked in with us during and after our move to make sure everything was OK with the house.

We are now in a wonderful home in our preferred neighborhood, and I doubt this very much would have happened without his warmth, savvy negotiation and unbelievable patience. Our new home is in a very competitive market with few available properties, and our condo is in a much less competitive area.

We moved into our new home 3 weeks ago, and recently posted our condo for sale. Within a few hours of posting the condo, Bob showed it and we accepted an offer above asking within 3 days!

We are confident his experience with many different markets and property types will help us close quickly. I can’t imagine ever wanting to move again, but at least we could look forward to another opportunity to work with Bob.

I enjoyed working with this family to embark upon a new chapter in their lives.

Please consider contacting me to learn more about how I can work with you to achieve your real estate goals. Call me today at 240-343-7755. I welcome the opportunity.

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